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Mario Zamora appointed as Costa Rica’s new Minister of Security

In response to the escalating violence caused by drug gangs, the President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves, has appointed Mario Zamora as the new Minister of Security. Zamora, who previously served as Minister of Security from 2011 to 2014 during President Laura Chinchilla Miranda’s administration, brings with him a wealth of experience and familiarity with the country’s security challenges. With this crucial appointment, the government aims to combat the wave of violence and prioritize citizen safety.

President Chaves confirmed that the former Minister, Jorge Torres, stepped down due to the failed attempt to change the schedules of police officers. However, Torres will assume the role of the Intelligence and Security Directorate (DIS), as announced by President Chaves, who expressed his appreciation for Torres’ work and achievements.

Zamora’s Track Record

Highlighting Zamora’s expertise and familiarity with the country’s security landscape, President Chaves emphasized that Zamora had previously served as Minister of Security under President Laura Chinchilla’s administration. Despite political differences, President Chaves acknowledged Zamora’s contribution to the positive statistics during Chinchilla’s term, indicating confidence in his capabilities.

Priorities and Security Strategies

During his appointment, Zamora expressed gratitude for the President’s trust and outlined his determination to tackle the security challenges ahead. He stressed the implementation of operation ‘Costa Rica Segura’ and the need to address the surge in homicides orchestrated by hitmen. Zamora highlighted the ministry’s strategic approach to combat organized crime and its commitment to ensuring the safety of citizens.

Strengthening the Security Team

Erick Lacayo was introduced as part of the ministry’s security team and will serve as the deputy minister of the regular police units. Additionally, Agustin Barquero was appointed as the administrative vice minister. With this well-rounded team, Zamora emphasized their shared commitment to hard work and their dedication to achieving tangible results in safeguarding the country.

With the appointment of Mario Zamora as the new Minister of Security, Costa Rica is demonstrating its determination to address the rising violence fueled by drug gangs. Zamora’s previous experience in the role, coupled with his strategic approach and commitment to combat organized crime, inspires confidence in his ability to restore security and protect citizens.

As the government rolls out operation ‘Costa Rica Segura,’ it is hoped that the collective efforts of the security team will lead to tangible improvements and a safer environment for all Costa Ricans.

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