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Costa Rica Segura: President Chaves’ plan to tackle crime and violence

Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves has announced a new security plan, “Costa Rica Segura” (Safe Costa Rica), aimed at curbing the rising crime and violence in the country. The plan was presented to members of the three branches of government in a ceremony, where Chaves highlighted that six bills of law would be introduced to restore peace and safety to the country.

The six bills of law presented by Chaves include the law for the extradition of nationals for crimes of international drug trafficking and terrorism, the law to restore public safety and control criminals who represent a danger to society, a reform to the law on arms control to punish those who carry them illegally, modernization of telephone tapping, a law to address juvenile justice and a law on the penitentiary system. Chaves stressed that violent prisoners must serve their sentence under the administration of the Ministry of Justice and remain in jail.

To ensure the safety of the Costa Rican people, Costa Rica will have up to 9,500 law enforcement officers as a temporary and exceptional measure for the next six months. Additionally, 400 new police officers will be recruited to fill vacant positions, and 300 more police officers are expected to be hired after approval from Congress. The government will allocate 600 million colones to purchase patrol cars to help police officers carry out their work efficiently.

Chaves emphasized the importance of legal reforms, as criminals are caught, but they don’t end up in prison. He added that the government is working on constructing a new prison, although he was emphatic in pointing out that there is no prison overcrowding.

The plan was praised by police officers, who hope the new measures will lead to an improvement in their working conditions and enable them to apprehend more criminals. Chaves promised to keep working hard so that Costa Rica can remain a nation characterized by peacefulness and tranquility.

The increase in crime and violence has been a cause of concern for many Costa Ricans, and the new security plan is expected to address these issues. The implementation of the six bills of law and the recruitment of more police officers will help to tackle organized crime and drug gangs, which have been a major problem in the country.

The Costa Rica Segura plan is a turning point for Costa Rica, and it is expected to restore peace and safety to the country. The government’s commitment to ensuring the safety of the Costa Rican people is commendable, and the plan has received widespread support from the public. With the implementation of these measures, Costa Rica is likely to become a safer place for everyone.

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