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The Best Gift of All: Symbolic Adoption of Costa Rica’s Wildlife

Many of us have fallen in love with Costa Rica’s endearing wildlife, from sloths and monkeys to its sea turtles and brightly colored macaws. They hold a special place in our hearts.

As a way to show how much we care some are able to volunteer at rescue organizations. But not all of us are in a position to take time off work and travel to Costa Rica to be a part of rescue efforts.

But don’t give up your dream just yet! There is a fun way to have a little piece of Costa Rica right in your home. Whether it is for yourself or the animal lover in your life a symbolic adoption allows one to still be a part of the rescue efforts that take place within Costa Rica. It is a wonderful way to aid in the preservation and protection of Costa Rica’s wildlife continuing their existence for years to come.

And let’s be honest, it isn’t every day you hear someone say like a proud parent, I’m just waiting on my turtle nest to hatch, I’m hoping for all 100 eggs to be strong hatchlings that can battle the sea.  Or share with pride a photo of their symbolic sloth daughter Budah looking healthy and strong hanging from her favorite almond tree.

Symbolically Adopt a Sloth

Sloths are a national symbol of Costa Rica and capture the hearts of so many when they see these interesting creatures. Their slow-moving innocence puts them at risk of one of their biggest predators, the illegal pet trade.

Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center (CRARC) is a non-profit organization that has made it its mission of rescuing and rehabilitating Costa Rica’s wildlife. Located just outside of Turrucares in the province of Alajuela here lies a place where orphaned, injured, and abandoned wildlife can go in hopes of being rehabilitated back into their natural surroundings.

One way to be a part of the conservation and care of Costa Rica’s wildlife is through Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center’s symbolic adoption program. From sloths, and spider monkeys, to deer, coatis, and more, their site introduces you to some of the many faces of their residents.  

Become an adopted parent to Grumpy the sloth who was found without a mother and came in just days after being born or to Ninoshka the striking blue-eyed spider monkey. Many of the sloths within CRARC were found on the ground after they had fallen off their mothers and were unable to be returned to them. Others were victims of abuse stolen from the wild to be used for profit as a tourist attraction and for forbidden selfies.

A symbolic adoption with Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center will deliver you with a personalized certification of adoption and a photograph of your rescued animal to keep in your home and proudly have on display. It is a meaningful gift where one knows that they are making a direct impact on the survival and life of another.

By symbolically adopting one of Costa Rica’s most beloved treasures you are supporting the protection and rehabilitation of these beautiful creatures that continue to need our support.

Symbolically Adopt a Turtle Nest

On the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Playa Tambor has become a spot where sea turtles still come to lay their eggs, primarily the Olive Ridley Sea turtles. Tambor Bay Turtles has made it their mission to protect the beloved sea turtles.

But you don’t need to live in the small village of Tambor to feel connected to the journey of these gentle giants. When you symbolically adopt a turtle nest you can choose a nest number if you happen to have a favorite number or have one given to you. Within the sea turtle egg hatchery, each nest is assigned a number. Then the fun begins, with your certificate of adoption you get to find out about your nest data in the hatchery.

A personalized link is sent so you can find out all you need to know about those developing within your turtle nest. Data on the date the nest was relocated to safety is provided as well as how many eggs were saved and relocated to the nursery. Some nests can hold anywhere from 80 to 120 eggs at times.

Data is also sent to the adopted turtle nest parent on how many hatched and the calculation of the hatching ratio.  Incubation can take from 45-55 days until they hatch and are ready for their difficult journey into the waters. Once hatching starts to take place pictures are taken of the collection and sent to your personalized link so you can see what your donation was protecting.

If not protected, sadly, many of these eggs and hatchlings die even before they have a chance to make it to the water falling prey to raccoons and vultures or even being burned from leftover fires on the beach. Symbolically adopting a nest also helps protect the eggs from their biggest predators of human poachers.

In 2022 over 7,000 eggs were collected on the shores of Tambor by the volunteers and members of Tambor Bay Turtles increasing their survival rate from what may have been less than 10% to over 80%.

So, the next time you are thinking of a way to show someone you care, why not think outside the box and gift them a symbolic adoption or even treat yourself? The gift goes far beyond the joy it brings to the one receiving it, but helps these rescue centers continue to bring safety and rehabilitation to the ones that need it most.

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