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Anticipated Rise in Migration Through Costa Rica in 2023

The General Directorate of Migration (DGME) expects an increase in migratory flows through Costa Rica during 2023.

According to the Director of the DGME, Maureen Luna, South American countries political and economic circumstances will motivate even more people to leave their home countries and embark on a journey to the United States in search of better living conditions.

Luna was interviewed by program Nuestra Voz where she assured that the institution is already preparing to face the situation, which will begin to be felt with more impact as of the second half of the year.

“We are preparing for a heavy migratory flow, normally between July and November. We believe that we’re more prepared this year and will be able to face this issue. This is a result of all the problems generated because of the various political and economic changes in a region as convulsive as the American region,” said Luna.

The country has learned from previous experiences. For instance, in 2022, institutional coordination was necessary to assist the migrant population and to address the issues that could arise during their stay in Costa Rica.

Now, institutions such as the National Children’s Institute, the National Women’s Institute, and the Ministry of Security know how to implement better strategies and work efficiently.

On the other hand, the Institute of Social Research of the School of Sociology of the University of Costa Rica highlighted “a substantial growth in the south-north transit of migrants through the country.”

Between January and September 2022, 107,692 Venezuelan migrants crossed the Darien to try to make their way to the U.S.

Earlier this month, the UN presented the People in Transit Preparation and Response Plan 2023 for Costa Rica, which hopes to help the country’s efforts to help these people. However, approximately 6700 million colones are required to carry out the plan.

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