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Tierra Mojada: crafts with Costa Rican identity

The handicrafts of the “Tierra Mojada” association come from La Fortuna de San Carlos. The mountains, rivers, the majestic Arenal Volcano, hot springs, flora, and fauna that enchant its visitors inspire artisans and craftsmen. 

“Artesanías con Identidad” (Crafts with Identity) is a program comprised of artists presenting the first collection of handicrafts inspired by this region’s cultural and natural expressions. 

These artists offer bags, textiles, costume jewelry, paintings, rag dolls, sloths, board games, and household items. 

“All our products tell a story that identifies each of the artisans; they are inspired by flora and fauna of our region Huetar Norte. You will not find this just anywhere; they are a little piece of our hearts,” said artisan Patricia Marin. 

“Tierra Mojada” is an artisan organization integrated by 34 craftsmen and craftswomen. It’s part of the Crafts with Identity Program, established by the Directorate of Planning and Tourism Development of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT). It was founded in 2022.

This initiative aims to offer national and international tourists the possibility of having a little piece of the Costa Rican soul of La Fortuna forged by the hands of local artisans. 

“My products symbolize the fight to protect water in San Carlos, represented by the native plant known here as Tiger’s Hand (Monstera deliciosa), which abounds in the riverbanks. I mold them using clays extracted in Boca Tapada, enhancing their beautiful natural color,” explained Ana María Rojas Aragonés. 

Another artisan, Dylana Sánchez Vindas, mentioned that indigenous communities inspire her work. 

“Our indigenous peoples burned incense and resins in their sacred rituals. I want to honor their legacy with this collection of incense holders and candle holders, made with air-drying clay and acrylic paint, seeking to bring the sacred into everyday spaces. 

According to Ruth Alfaro, head of Tourism Development of the ICT, this is the fifteenth group organized by the institution. She also mentioned these are “high-quality handicrafts that represent stories and culture of the areas where the artisans come from.”

To see all the products download the latest catalog:

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