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Energy Consumption in Costa Rica: 5 Ways to Cut Down

A frontrunner in renewable energy, 95-98% of Costa Rica’s electricity comes from renewable sources. While hydroelectricity is the largest source, other sources include wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass.

But, it is always a good idea to reduce our energy consumption. No matter how that energy is produced!

Did you know Americans alone consume 26% of the world’s energy?

The ever-growing energy demand has resulted in a tremendous amount of pressure on natural resources. It is not far that the world would be facing an energy crisis.

Reducing your energy consumption can prove to be effective in helping preserve natural resources while reducing your expenditures on energy.

5 Ways to Cut Down on Energy Consumption

How can we, as individuals, reduce our energy consumption on a daily basis? Here are some ways!

1. Using Alternative or ‘No Fuel’ Mode of Transport

Costa Rica is one of the few countries that advances and invests in green transport. It encourages the use of electric vehicles and recently extended benefits to electric vehicles until 2035 (earlier it was until 2023). This also applies to used cars (not older than 5 years).

Consider using vehicles that run on green energy. Whenever and wherever you can, take public transport to reach your destination. You can also buy a bike and cycle to your destination. Walk to nearby places instead of taking out your car. This will save fuel and keep you fit.

2. Switch to Energy Efficient Appliances

When you buy appliances, check if they are energy efficient. Compare different appliances and invest in only those which have a good rating. For example, LED lights are more efficient than Halogen bulbs.

Refrigerators and dryers are two of the most energy-intensive appliances. Replacing these with better efficient models can reduce electricity usage by half, and help you cut down on energy bills.

3. Smart Use of Appliances

Switch off lights and fans when not in use. Unplug the devices that are not turned on.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 75% of all energy used is consumed by devices that are plugged in but not turned on. An appliance that is not in use, but connected to the outlet can still draw up to 10% of the electricity it would consume had it been operating.

4. Using Water Judiciously

Do not leave the tap running while washing hands, washing your face, brushing your teeth, or washing dishes. Run the washing machine only with a full load.

Installing water-saving devices in your home can help reduce water consumption to a great extent. Another very effective way of conserving water is to do rainwater harvesting and greywater harvesting (reusing water after its treatment).

5. Insulating Your Homes

Insulate your homes to prevent hot or cold air from escaping. This will reduce your reliance on heaters and air conditioners, and thus cut down on energy consumption.

Now that we know of some ways to reduce our energy consumption, we should take these small but effective measures in our everyday lives. After all, we do not want our next generations to bear the cost of our negligence!

Astha Garg
Astha Garg
Content Creator & Certified Yoga Instructor An advocate for environmental consciousness, has a strong quest for knowledge, and a deep love for traveling & exploring.

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