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Costa Rica Expat Living: The Store of Everything Stolen

I have lived in Costa Rica for over 30 years and yet I learn something new everyday here.

I know a guy that has a son that works in a shifty part of San Jose. We were on our way to see a guy about a thing downtown the other day when he asked if we could stop by the place where his son works, for a few minutes.

I said “sure, what the hell, I am not afraid.” (That may not be true)

We parked illegally on the street, because you can.  The cops do not look for trouble in this part of town.

My guy goes inside the store with a bag to talk to his son about god knows what and I stay outside to smoke a cigarette in the “no go” zone of San Jose.

I look across the street and I see a guy sitting on a stool. Around him is a display and variety of items on the sidewalk.

Then I see a cardboard sign, the bottom of a beer case, behind him, pegged to the wall.

It says “La Tienda de Todo Robado.”

Basically that translates to “The Store of Everything Stolen.”

So the guy is a fence for stolen goods and sits on the sidewalk everyday surrounded by his newest loot.

I do not carry a phone so I did not get a picture but I did walk across the street to talk to the guy.

What a salesman this guy! Here is how it went:

You need a VCR?


 You sure ?“

“Solo bueno”

You want a set of (dirty) dishes?

No thanks

So, a few days later, I was in taxi and I had to go close to the place where my buddy’s son works to see a guy.

In San Jose the street addresses can be confusing. In these days if you do not have the WAZE address many drivers have no idea where to go if you do not know the exact street and avenue.

I had no idea what the proper address was so I ask….

Do you know where the La Tienda de Todo Robado is?

Claro (of course)

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