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Costa Rica renews commitment to refugees

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Arnoldo André Tinoco, celebrated World Refugee Day in the Golden Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained and reiterated Costa Rica’s commitment to promoting solidarity and preventing xenophobia against refugees.

“We wish to recognize their resilience, to praise the strength and courage of those who have been forced to leave their homes, to escape fear, threats to their integrity, conflicts or persecution, and also to celebrate their contribution to cultural diversity and the development of the communities or countries that host them,” he added.

Tinoco also stressed Costa Rica’s compliance with its international commitments and respect for human rights.

“Our country has honored its international commitments and maintains a tradition of international protection and respect for human rights.  For years it has welcomed thousands of people fleeing social and political conflicts in the region, where their lives, safety, and freedom are in danger,” stated the Foreign Minister.

Refugee applications in Costa Rica have skyrocketed, and it isn’t easy to meet the demands of the population in need of a prompt solution. Tinoco also asked the international community for help.

“Costa Rica maintains a constant and persistent call to the international community so that, under international solidarity and shared responsibility, progress is made towards better technical and economic support, and joint governance of these migratory flows is achieved,” he stressed.

In addition, he reiterated Costa Rica’s long-term commitment to “promoting the protection, economic and social integration of this population.”

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, “the pressure on our refugee system continues to increase despite Costa Rica’s best efforts.” Since 2018, 159,257 requests for international protection have been received; as per UNHCR’s Global Trends report on Forced Displacement, in 2021, Costa Rica has received many requests for international protection worldwide.

Costa Rica’s economy is facing enormous problems. Many institutions which provide essential services such as healthcare are also undergoing a crisis. With the increasing migration of refugees, the country’s resources are insufficient to attend to this population in a dignified and adequate manner. Therefore, an effort by the international community is required.

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