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Costa Rica Hotels offer special discounts and free nights for the low season

The low season for most Costa Rican hotels begins in May and extends through November, so lodging facilities must rely on different tactics to attract visitors during this period. This sector has suffered tremendously because of the pandemic, and is now looking for different ways to attract guests.

Among the most common initiatives are discounts on rates for overnight stays and related services offered by the establishments. In addition, many hotels offer differentiated prices for national visitors.

Some lodges will provide discounts on spa services and short stays; others will even include free nights on longer stays. Also, at certain hotels, offers include food options within the rate as well as complimentary tours.

Occupancy perspectives and rates are varied and range from 60% to 90%, depending on the different hotels.

“The expectation is much higher than in previous years and has been met in May and June. We anticipate that it will be better than other years, thanks to the strategies implemented nationally and internationally,” said Alonso Bermudez, general manager at a hotel in Guanacaste.

On the other hand, Alejandro Rojas, in charge of Marketing, explained that tourism has gradually returned to normal. And that, although the green season tends to a normal decrease, they perceive that international tourism is still active.

Statistics for the first quarter of 2022 show a tourism recovery in Costa Rica, mainly from visitors from the United States, the main issuer of travelers to the country.

Despite the positive numbers, according to projections made by the Central Bank this February, it will take at least until 2024 to regain the tourism and revenue Costa Rica had achieved prior to the pandemic.

In addition to guest attraction strategies, hotels also take advantage of the off-season for remodeling, training or to provide vacations and leave for core employees.

“We have set a goal to substantially improve the hotel’s services. To do this, we take advantage of the low season to remodel, do landscaping and train our staff to offer a better service and experience to our guests,” hotel operators answered.

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