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In Ojochal Costa Rica, SUD Brings the Magic

Local favorite is full of life in Ojochal and I learn that four martinis does make a man happy.If you’re like me, you’ll never turn down an excuse to get drunk off Martinis and dance the night away.

Have I hooked you yet? Are you sitting, reading this thinking, “Aha! I’m just like him!”. Maybe you are… maybe you aren’t but one thing is for sure, if you are looking for an amazing night out, Sud in Ojochal is a great place to start.

After a brief off-season hiatus, it seems Sud is back in full force, celebrating their grand reopening with incredible live music, some AMAZING dancers and some of the most friendly, kind and warm staff making all the magic happen.

In true me fashion, I walked in to SUD lounge directly through the stage where the handsome Rafael Steyners was crooning the guests with his gorgeous voice (which we’ll talk about later). “Is it okay to walk through here?” I sheepishly asked. “For you, I’ll make an exception!” Rafael responded.

What can I say, I just can’t avoid the spotlight. I made my way down to the bar to meet up with some friends who, per the norm in Ojochal, had already befriended the bar staff and Nora (like Nora Jones, she’ll tell me at one point), the lovely woman sitting next to us.

The thing about Ojochal is that whether you are a tico, a gringo or just visiting, everyone is friends. I proceed to order a gin martini (dirty, because why not) which the lovely bartender, Tatianna, enthusiastically prepared. Now here is the thing about martinis: It’s the perfect drink. Not only does it taste amazing, but it comes with three olives so you are basically getting a snack for free. Who doesn’t love a deal!

What neither me nor Tatianna knew at that point, was that I’d have 3 more Martinis that night because they were just so good. “No comment”, Tatianna would say to me, as I returned my empty martini glass and asked for one more.

Believe me when I say that being from New York City, this boy knows how to put down some booze. Now although I didn’t have any food that evening, “I’m on a liquid diet” being my go to excuse, the smells of the various dishes from pastas to babaganoush, were quite enticing.

And what could make it even that much better than hearing Rafael Steyners singing and dancing around the lounge all night. When I say this guy knows how to move, I MEAN it, and what’s more, he can sing too.

From Christmas songs, to Latin staples, he could sing and dance circles around anyone I know (which he did many times throughout the evening). The energy throughout the place was nothing if not electric. The owners, Aurélie and Alex, spent the evening warmly welcoming the patrons and ensuring that everyone was having an amazing experience.

I found myself, at many times, taking in the atmosphere and being filled with immense gratitude for having the pleasure to experience a place that makes you feel like you are right at home when you arrive. If you are in Ojochal, be sure to make your way to Sud and have a martini for me…. or four

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