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Getting a 3rd Covid Vaccination shot in Costa Rica

The Ministry of Health and the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) revealed yesterday that getting a 3rd or booster vaccine shot against Covid 19 will initially only go those who are first responders, those older individuals that are in long term care facilities or to those with disabilities.

Older individuals and those with disabilities are given priority because there is evidence that these groups don’t build up the same level of immunity after two doses of mRNA vaccine.

Those 18 or older who do not fall into either one of these categories will only be given the 3rd shot if it is deemed absolutely necessary and on a case by case basis.

The reason given for these restrictions is due to the limited number of booster shots currently available and to make the best use of those vaccine doses.

The booster dose will only be given to those who qualify and that have been completed vaccinated against Covid 19 for at least 6 months.

Why is a 3rd or booster shot being given?

Although the COVID-19 vaccines continue to be effective at reducing risk of severe disease, hospitalization and possible death, the Center for Disease Control in the United States has found that vaccine protection against mild to moderate infections decreases over time.

Studies have shown that a booster shot will not only lengthen immunity time but will also help to broaden and strengthen ones immune response, even against variants such as the new discovered omicron variant

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