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Famous Literary Works About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a paradise located in Central America and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It has become a popular tourist destination recently, so thousands of people from all over the world dream about visiting it.

If you’re reading this, you belong to that part of dreamers. But don’t you think it’s time to make your dream a reality? It may seem that everything that should be done is to book plane tickets and define what’ll do there. We plan the trips and tours, book them in advance using one of the local banks, for example, Bank of America.

However, not all travelers take everything so easily. A big part of them tries to get acquainted with the history and culture of the chosen country and then delve into its atmosphere.

And this approach has the right to live because you may check photos on social media and look at the video to fall in love with a country, but no one guarantees you’ll like and understand the local culture. The literature presents a unique way to learn more about any country, and Costa Rica can impress people with its pieces of literature. Here are some good books about Costa Rica for you:

La Trinchera by Manuel Arguello

You’ve probably heard about this author while studying in university, and perhaps, even read one of his creatures. If not, it’s the right time to do it. Manuel Arguellonis, a person that makes people impressed. La Trinchera is a historical novel telling us about Juan Rafael’s struggles. It’s an important stage of the country’s history.

Do you always resort to Midtermguru when you need to write even the shortest assignment? You do everything right; not all people are born to write huge novels. Using a research paper service is okay while studying. Make sure you buy papers from the best research paper service that is trustworthy and reliable.

Costa Rica – Culture Smart! The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture by Jane Koutnik

If long historical novels aren’t the literature you like to read, consider finding this or any similar guide that’s written for a wide audience. This book gives you an overview of all areas of life in Costa Rica, for example, politics, national cuisine, religion, culture, and education. Have you ever thought of getting acquainted with the country so fast?

The book contains 168 pages, but its size is enough to gain an insight into all important details of a country’s structure. There were some changes since the book’s release, but most of the information is still relevant.

Travellers Wildlife Guides Costa Rica by Les Beletsky

We all admire the nature of Costa Rica, and this guide is designed for people who are interested in studying the most widespread animal species that live in Costa Rica: birds, reptiles, mammals.

The book contains more than 300 colorful images and can be a handbook for all travelers who want to learn about these animal species and identify them in real life. This book and trip to Costa Rica will help anyone who wants to get new emotions. If you’re a student, you must do your best to get here during your recess.

You may also read this book, but not all people like reading, especially if they recently graduated from school or college. These institutions know how to make us dislike everything we love. Moreover, reading won’t let you feel the emotions you’ll get when seeing a place firsthand.

The Windward Road: Adventures of a Naturalist on Remote Caribbean Shores by Archie Carr

Even though this book was released long ago, in 1956, it may be helpful even for today’s travelers. The author is a professor of zoology, a research associate of the American Museum of Natural History, and the founder of a corporation that’s work is focused on the conservation of sea turtles.

This book helped its author to raise awareness about the danger of sea turtles and establish the movement on its conservation. Archie Carr collected a lot of interesting stories while searching for the turtles on Caribbean Shores and is ready to tell them to us in this book.

El Moto by Garcia Monge

When you read this book, you can’t believe that it was written by a 19 years old person. El Moto is a realistic novel that depicts the social issues of that time. This novel was one of the first pieces of literature in the 20th century that was written less formally and promoted liberal ways of thinking.

The main theme of this novel is a love story. A young educated boy fell in love with a lady from a wealthy family. However, El Moto tells about the class division and the ridicule peasants tolerated. That’s why you should seek to obtain an education and be a person of a higher class.

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