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Costa Rica the right choice for many seeking cardiac care

Without insurance, cardiology visits and procedures in the United States can be incredibly expensive. Even with insurance, the cost for initial and follow-up appointments — not to mention labs, tests and procedures — adds up fast.

That’s why many people choose healthcare abroad for their cardiac treatments. Not only can they still get high-quality care abroad, but it comes at a fraction of the cost. And, by picking the right destination, they might see a sight or two, turning the travel into a small vacation.

Costa Rica has become the right choice for thousands of people seeking cardiac care. The country has dozens of direct flights from the United States, a network of excellent public and private healthcare, and all the natural beauty anyone could possibly ask for.

Among the top options in Costa Rica is Clínica Bíblica, the country’s longest-running private hospital.

As part of its dozens of specialties, Clínica Bíblica offers several subspecialties within cardiology. These include clinical cardiology (hypertensions, dyslipidemia), diagnostic echocardiography, pacemaker and electrophysiology, invasive cardiology, and many more.

One of Clínica Bíblica’s cardiologists, Thelma Sanchez, detailed her training during a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

“The experience with Mayo Clinic really was fantastic, because they provide the best service to the patients,” Dr. Sanchez said. “[We] try to follow and implement in our country the same quality and commitment.”

In addition to its high-level surgeons and doctors, Clínica Bíblica features modern cardiology equipment, including stress electrocardiograms, tilt tests, pacemaker telemetry, and transesophageal ultrasounds.

“In Costa Rica, we have the hospitality to the patients, the quality of the services,” Dr. Sanchez said.

If you need affordable medical care but traveling abroad sounds daunting, Green Health Care Costa Rica (GHC, can help. The Costa Rica-based company, founded by a U.S. citizen, specializes in guiding your medical healthcare abroad through the uncertainty that might otherwise come with seeking treatments internationally.

Their Patient advocated concierge system matches patients with affordable hospitals and specialists, reducing costs by 40-70% without compromising on quality of care. From providing airport transportation to coordinating with medical professionals, GHC prioritizes good outcomes and satisfied patients — eliminating barriers that come between a patient and their cardiologist.

“We invite you to visit our country,” Dr. Sanchez said. “We will take care of your medical needs.”

This story was sponsored by Green Healthcare

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