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Poás Volcano National Park resumes normal operations after eruption

Poás Volcano National Park has reopened to the public and returned to normal operations, the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) said Wednesday morning, after the park’s namesake erupted Sunday night.

Authorities will continue to monitor the volcano for any increases in seismic activity, the National Emergency Commission (CNE) said.

“The seismic record has dropped to levels similar to before the start of this last phase of instability,” a statement from CNE said. “In addition, there are no records in the last hours of exits of solid volcanic materials.

“The ratio of gases emitted by the volcano also has a clear tendency towards normalization.”

Poás Volcano National Park had been closed Monday and Tuesday on CNE’s recommendation. The organization cited the presence of “very acidic and highly corrosive” acid rain and foam, and the ongoing seismic activity following Sunday’s 25-minute hydrothermal eruption.

Nearly 50,000 people visited Poás Volcano National Park in the last four months of 2018 after it reopened with new safety measures, including eruption shelters for the public, implemented by Costa Rican authorities.

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