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Tourism Board warns against possible phone scams

Costa Rica’s Tourism Board (ICT) issued a statement warning the public against a telephone scam carried out by people posing as members of the government agency.

ICT says it received several reports last month of apparent scammers calling Costa Rican citizens and offering them prizes and gifts. Posing as an ICT representative, the caller then asks for the victim’s personal information, including his or her full name, address and cédula.

As a reminder, do not provide sensitive information over the phone. If you receive a call purporting to be from a bank or government agency, it’s often best to hang up and call the company’s official number yourself.

The ICT’s telephone numbers are 2299-5827 or 2222-1090, and they operate the following websites:,, and

“ICT never requests confidential information by telephone,” the Tourism Board statement reads.

The Tico Times recently published an editorial warning against other possible telephone scams in Costa Rica. Read it by clicking here. 


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