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Is choosing a dental clinic with a guarantee important?

There are many important factors to consider when choosing a dental clinic in Costa Rica. One of the most important options is whether the clinic you are considering offers a guarantee, and more importantly, if they stand behind their guarantees.

Most dental clinics do not offer guarantees. They are not in the business of making or keeping promises. This is very similar to the USA, where most dental clinics offer no guarantee on the quality or longevity of their care. Without a guarantee it is likely that, in the case of any problems, you will have to pay for replacement work, as well as any materials or devices used. This causes many patients to think twice about seeking dental care in a foreign country. If traveling for a crown or a dental implant, the patient could easily end up spending twice as much, not to mention the discomfort and disappointment.

A few select leading dental clinics guarantee their work, offering patients the confidence they need to choose Costa Rica for their dental care. Moreover, these clinics tend to offer the best quality, since, in case of failure, they must provide the labor and materials at no charge and must manufacture any prostheses again at their cost. In other words, a guarantee tells you that the clinic is confident that their work is consistently effective. Confident, high quality clinics stand behind their work.

Some Costa Rica dental clinics offer a lifetime guarantee on their dental implants. However, there are some situations where the clinic can not guarantee a dental implant. Guarantees typically cover problems related to osseointegration, the process in which the implant fuses with the jawbone. But there are situations where a patient cannot expect the work to be guaranteed.

The first of these is trauma or injury, caused by the patient or a third person. No clinic can prevent accidents that affect dental work. Second is failure due to patients who have a high risk of failure due to their lifestyle or failing to comply with their prescribed responsibilities, especially excessive alcohol consumption or smoking. Third is failure due to a high-risk condition, such as uncontrolled diabetes or drug dependency. And finally, failure due to intervention by a third party. As you can see, these are factors that are outside the control of a clinic.

Clinics that combine a guarantee with excellent care and affordable prices are the reason that Costa Rica has become a leading destination for Americans seeking top quality dental care at prices that are often fifty to seventy percent lower than prices in the USA. Visit Costa Rica Dental Guide to learn more about the leading dental clinics in Costa Rica. Fill out a form on this site to receive a free referral to a leading clinic that specializes in the care you need.

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