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Venezuelan embassy reopens in Costa Rica

María Faria, the Venezuelan Ambassador to Costa Rica, announced this week that the South American country’s embassy in San José has reopened.

In a video she posted on social media, Faria, who was appointed by Juan Guaidó, called the reopening “a significant achievement made possible by President Juan Guaidó and the National Assembly to achieve the restoration of democracy in our country.”

Guaidó is recognized as Venezuela’s president by Costa Rica and some 50 other countries.

Faria wrote Monday that it was “an honor” to welcome Venezuelan families into the reopened Embassy in San José.

In February, Faria took possession of the Venezuelan Embassy, but she left the post after a meeting with Costa Rica’s Foreign Ministry, which granted Nicolás Maduro-appointed diplomats 90 days to leave the country.

The Maduro-appointed diplomats departed Costa Rica, on-schedule, in mid-April. Before they did so, the Venezuelan Embassy’s Twitter recommended that citizens direct future inquiries to the country’s Embassy in Nicaragua, a country which has pledged its support to Maduro.

Costa Rica is a member of the Lima Group and the International Contact Group on Venezuela, both of which have called for democratic elections in the South American country.

Earlier in May, Costa Rica hosted an International Contact Group meeting, during which the international body emphasized the need for a nonviolent, Venezuelan-led resolution to the country’s crisis.

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