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INS Travel Insurance helps you stay safe while traveling abroad

You’ve saved up for months for that dreamed-of trip to Disneyland or to visit family in another country. You bought a new camera and renewed your passport. But there’s one, very important thing you may have missed: travel insurance.

Accidents can happen whenever, wherever, so before you head out the door, consider buying travel insurance from Costa Rica’s trusted National Insurance Institute (INS).

Protecting yourself with insurance is the best decision if you travel, whether as a tourist, student or executive. One of our top products is Travel Insurance with Assistance in Dollars.

INS Travel Insurance with Assistance in Dollars:

  • Offers 24-hour coverage anywhere in the world outside of Costa Rica.
  • Offers coverage for periods from one day (minimum) to 180 days (maximum) for travelers leaving from and returning to Costa Rica. An INS Assistance Unit will help you coordinate medical attention in case of an accident, emergency or illness in whichever country you visit.
  • Available for all travelers 16 days old and up.


Variety of coverage options and coverage limits, including: accidental death, loss of limb, total and permanent disability of the insured, accident-related medical costs, medical emergency or acute illness and additional costs, hospital stay, trip cancellation or curtailment, trip delay, temporary luggage loss, permanent luggage loss and passport loss.


What to do if you need to make an insurance claim?

A. If the insured uses the INS Assistance Unit to coordinate care/claim:

1. Notify the INS Assistance Unit from abroad immediately after the incident. If you cannot immediately contact the Assistance Unit, the insured has forty-eight (48) hours to inform the unit of a possible claim after suffering an accident, medical emergency, acute illness or other incident covered by the policy.

Delay in advising INS about a possible claim will not result in the reduction or denial of coverage if due to force majeure or unforeseen circumstances (completely unexpected accident). If the insured fails to communicate with the INS Assistance Unit to advise of the occurrence or loss, INS will refund expenses as indicated in section B below.

2. Follow the recommendations of the INS Assistance Unit. If the insured fails to do so, INS will pay costs in excess of the deductible, if required, that are reasonable and customary in the country where the costs were incurred. The insured will assume the difference.

3. Pay a deductible of $100 to the service provider when necessary.

B. If the insured does not use the INS Assistance Unit, costs will be reimbursed as follows:

1. In cases in which the insured has paid costs directly, he/she should present to INS within ninety (90) days of the illness, accident or occurrence related to travel insurance a Benefits Application including all supporting documentation of the costs, with the original cancelled invoices of expenses, with details of each good and/or service received by the insured with their respective costs, medical prescriptions and the corresponding medical report. The insured should use the forms provided by INS.

2. The insured must directly provide health reports, accounts, receipts, information and evidence required by INS related to his/her claim.

This article constitutes paid content provided by the National Insurance Institute. For more information or to get a quote, click here.

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