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Beer with a conscience

Oh, how wonderful it is to sip a new brand of beer as you explore the tropics. And if you’re traveling in Costa Rica, chances are that you’re drinking Imperial or Pilsen. With a cold one in hand, you’re probably not thinking about much, except perhaps about how freaking nice it is to have a beer in Costa Rica.

How much of that Imperial in your hand goes towards a good cause? A cause, I mean, that’s better even than the refreshing feeling of drinking cold suds in the tropics? Florida Ice and Farm Company (FIFCO), the company that produces Imperial, Pilsen, and other famous Costa Rican beers, dedicated 5.7% of its net profit for strategic social investments in 2014, according to a statement from FIFCO.

The company’s efforts are concentrated in environmental efforts, including water conservation, implementing new policies in production plants, ¬†and environmental assessments. In the social realm, FIFCO created Nutrivida, which is the first social enterprise in Central America. Nutrivida is a self-sustainable company that seeks to eradicate malnutrition in Central America and Haiti. Nutrivida offers low-cost, nutrition-rich, flavorful products.

In 2014, FIFCO also launched their line of microbrews, Domingo 7.

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