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4 tips for choosing vacation property in Costa Rica


If you have ever had a vacation in Costa Rica, you have probably fallen in love with the dream of having your own vacation property. While Costa Rica is a very small country in size, it has a lot to offer with a number of different climate zones and some stark contrast throughout the different regions. Deciding where to look for a vacation home in Costa Rica can be a bit overwhelming, so here is what you need to consider in deciding on where to make your dream come true.

1. Climate

Costa Rica has many different climate zones, so one of the first things you should consider is what kind of weather you like best. If you prefer warm weather all year, then the beach is probably your spot. Some who may not like it so warm might prefer a milder climate, like Atenas, Arenal or the Central Valley.

2. Infrastructure

It’s important to understand that in Costa Rica some areas are clearly more developed than others. Some enjoy the rustic, secluded towns and are not put off by rough roads, spotty utilities or limited stores, restaurants and hospitals. Others prefer to be a little closer to the action and are looking for bit more solid infrastructure. Costa Rica offers both, but it is definitely an important part in evaluating where you want to be.

3. Communities

If you are looking to spend a fair amount of time in Costa Rica, then you might want to be near other expats, or you might be the type who prefers exclusively locals. There are many expat communities and neighborhoods throughout different parts of Costa Rica, so you have plenty of options. If you are not likely to study the language and culture, then you are probably better suited to choose an area with other expats.

4. Property goals

Having a better understanding of how you will use your vacation home is a critical part of choosing the right destination. Some people have no need or desire to ever rent out their vacation home. For them it really makes no difference where they choose. But if you are looking to rent out your home, then you’ll want to make sure you are in a popular tourist destination. Popular tourist towns, like Jacó, Manuel Antonio and Tamarindo are going to be some of the top options, while areas in San José are going to be more suited towards longer-term rentals.

Exploring Costa Rica is great way to learn more about the different areas. By going over these few suggestions it will help narrow down your search and help you find that perfect place.

David Karr has been living in Costa Rica since 2005. As a top realtor, he handles sales and rentals in the Jacó area on the central Pacific coast. Visit his website here.

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