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VIDEO: Killer whales hunt tiger shark near Costa Rica’s Cocos Island

Divers with the excursion company Undersea Hunter saw a rare site off the coast of Costa Rica’s remote Cocos Island National Park. During the first week of September, the company spotted a pod of orcas making its way past the island. But a whale’s got to eat, and Juan Manuel Camargo and Edwar Herreño caught the orcas on tape hunting a tiger shark near their boat. Orcas aren’t the only ones going after sharks in the protected waters around Cocos Island, 300 kilometers off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Shark finners regularly poach the animals from the world-famous waters for sale in Asia. Hollywood star and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio called attention to the plight of shark finning there in June. Recommended: Climate change could leave sharks unable to hunt

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