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VIDEO: Will the sloth sink or swim?

We now know what a sloth looks like swimming, thanks to this “world-first” video from the Sloth Sanctuary posted by The Daily Mail.

And not just from above, oh no. This video shows the lanky-limbed mammal in an NBC-Olympics-Michael-Phelps-underwater camera angle.

Well, Phelps might not be the first thing that comes to mind in this video. Sasha, the three-toed tree climber, isn’t going to break any speed records. But she’s surprisingly adept, even elegant, in the water. The sloth is like a water ninja, stealthy making her way across the pool with little more than a ripple in the water.

One has to wonder though, what would have happened if the Brandypus couldn’t float?

The Limón-based Sloth Sanctuary is also the subject of an Animal Planet reality show, “Meet the Sloths.”


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