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Conclusions on Crucitas Coming Soon

Both opponents and proponents of the stalled Crucitas open pit gold mine in northern Costa Rica began to present their conclusions in Costa Rica’s Administrative Contention Court this week.

On Wednesday, the Costa Rican government defended the permits it issued that authorized the subsidiary of a Canadian mining company, Industrias Infinito S.A. to cut 196 yellow almond trees order to build a mine pit in the zone. Proponents cited the April ruling from the Costa Rican Supreme Court ruling that declared the permits constitutional and said that the felling is in line with Costa Rica’s forestry law.

The Wild Flora and Fauna Preservation Association (Apreflofas) called the permits into question, claiming that the deforestation will damage the habitat of the endangered green macaw which feeds on yellow almonds.

Each side will continue to present their conclusions through Monday and judges are expected to issue a decision on Dec. 6.

Both Apreflofas and Industrias Infinito S.A. have said they would appeal the decision if the ruling does not fall in their favor.

L. Arias
L. Arias
Reporter | The Tico Times |

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