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Airlines offer reduced fares for Election Day

Regional airlines Taca and Copa are working to reduce the number of “no-shows” on Election Day by offering discount tickets to Costa Ricans who wish to fly in from any of its 41 destinations.

Taca spokeswoman Sofía Valverde said depending on the location, the El Salvador-based company´s discount could be as much as 50 percent.

“It´s a way to contribute to Costa Rican democracy and give Ticos living outside the country the opportunity to exercise their right and responsibility to vote,” said Valverde. “We don´t keep track of the number of people who have taken advantage of the offer, but we know people have.”

Elections procedures do not allow for absentee voting and, therefore, Ticos living outside the country cannot participate in the vote unless they physically return to cast their ballot.

To qualify for the reduced fare, the passenger must present a Costa Rican identification card or passport proving Costa Rican nationality and that the passenger is of voting age. He or she must also show that the trip is for the purpose of voting.

Asked whether she expects the promotion to benefit one candidate over another, Valverde said that´s not something Taca can control. “We are looking to support democracy, independent from the candidates,” she said.

Copa Airlines also announced discounts for Election Day travel. Flights from New York are $125, from Orlando, Florida are $169, from Los Angeles, California are $119 and from Managua, Nicaragua are $79, according to the airline´s Web site. 

According to elections officials, absentee voting will be available for the presidential elections in 2014.

For more information, contact Taca at 2299-8222 or 1-800-400-8222, or click here for a list of Copa offices.

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