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Activists Hope Court Reverses Abortion Ban

Dear Nica Times:

On Monday, Jan. 8, a total of 67 signatories presented to the Supreme Court of Justice the first lawsuit against the recently approved Law 603, which banned the provision of therapeutic abortion from the Penal Code (NT, Jan. 5).

The suit, which claims the law is unconsttitutional, was received very cordially by the Court secretary, Enrique Molina, who promised to formally process the legal challenge.

Approximately 350 people, including the national press, activists groups, doctors, academics and members of the general public were on hand to support the challenge.

The different groups and civil-society organizations that back the lawsuit maintain hope that we will receive a rapid response to our legal challenge and that the Court will take a position that is respectful of human rights and the life of women, children and adolescents by reversing the abortion ban.

Cecilia Espinoza



L. Arias
L. Arias
Reporter | The Tico Times |

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