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Comptroller Controversy Resulted in His Removal

NEARLY as soon as the LegislativeAssembly named Alex Solís to the positionof Comptroller General in earlyJune, legislators began discussing hisremoval after allegations emerged heforged signatures of family memberswhile working as a lawyer.By late June, legislators voted to askSolís to step down, saying he falsified thesignature of his brother Ottón Solís – aformer presidential candidate and founderof the Citizen Action Party (PAC) – onlegal documents and helped fundSouthern Zone residents’ illegal entranceinto the United States by lending thenmoney.Solís refused.A six-month discussion in theAssembly followed until December whenlegislators voted 39-12 for his removal. Itmarked the first time in history the assemblyvoted to remove a comptroller.

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