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130 Hondurans Died Trying to Enter U.S.

TEGUCIGALPA (EFE) – At least130 Hondurans died this year trying tocross into the United States in search ofwork and a better life, according to governmentstatistics.An additional 173 Hondurans wereinjured, including 65 people who weremutilated in one form or another, accordingto Nelly Barnica, of the government’sConsular Office of Protection. Most of thedeaths and injuries were registered inMexican and U.S. territories, according toBarnica.Yet another 250 were arrested andthrown in jails in Mexico, Guatemala andthe United States, according to the statistics.The Honduran government estimatesthat 50,000 Hondurans attempt to “chasethe American dream” every year.“Of those, many achieve their goalseach year, but we don’t have official statisticsfor them,” Barnica said.The Honduras government estimatesmore than 500,000 Hondurans live legallyand illegally in the United States.


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