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U.S. Citizen Declared Missing in Arenal

SEARCH and rescue workers yesterdaywere still searching for U.S. citizenPalmer Ritz, lost since last Friday onLake Arenal.A team of 35 police officers, membersof the Red Cross of Tilarán and other volunteersusing four boats could not find the60-year-old man.Ritz, a retired publicist, left Friday ona barge to sail on the lake. He askedAnais Mejía, an employee of his, to meethim at a pre-established point. She said hedid not arrive.Saturday at around 2 p.m., rescueworkers said they discovered his craftwith life vests, the motor and batteries.Still, they have yet to find any evidenceindicating Ritz’s location.Ritz has two children and retired withhis wife in San Luis de Tilarán, in thenorthwestern province of Guanacaste, in1990, La Nación reported.


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