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wildlife rescue costa rica

Cameras in Costa Rica show endangered animal species roaming private wildlife refuges

A technology system consisting on hidden cameras or “trap cameras,” is being used by wildlife refuges in Costa Rica. Privately managed wildlife refuges help...

Sea lions found at Costa Rica’s central Pacific beaches

Environment officials conducted a physical evaluation of the sea lions and then released them offshore after looking for currents that could carry them back home.

Primate rescue groups go bananas when Justin Bieber says he wants another monkey

A Costa Rican animal rescue center issued a snarky challenge to Justin Bieber: Promise not to get another monkey and we'll name a rehab wing after you.

Video: Surfers in Costa Rica rescue deer caught in popular Caribbean break

Craig Schieber, a gold medalist surfer, told The Tico Times that he and three surfer buddies organized what he termed a "Surf and Rescue" team to save the deer's life after it galloped quickly into the sea.

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