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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Video: Surfers in Costa Rica rescue deer caught in popular Caribbean break

A group of surfers in one of Costa Rica’s most well-known breaks on the Caribbean coast saved a wild deer from drowning earlier this month. Video of the bizarre rescue at the gnarly Salsa Brava surf break in Puerto Viejo, Limón, was sent to The Tico Times over the weekend. Craig Schieber, a gold medalist surfer, told The Tico Times that he and three surfer buddies organized what he termed a “Surf and Rescue” team to save the deer’s life after it galloped quickly into the sea.

Schieber’s wife, Marta Castro Schieber, was able to record a three-minute video of the whole ordeal from her spot on the beach. Douglas Castillo, Edwin Salem and Jason Shireman are shown on surfboards and paddle boards leading the deer back to land.

Schieber said on Monday that the deer returned to the hills near Puerto Viejo and locals have seen the animal alive and healthy since its near-death experience. Now that’s pura vida!

Video courtesy of Marta Castro Schieber.

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