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4 Reasons Why Crocodiles are Smarter than you Think

Crocodiles have been around for millions of years, and waaaay back in the day nobody threatened these big fellas. Now in some parts of the...

Costa Rica Wildlife: All About the Jaguarundi

The jaguarundi is a unique beast. Though it counts as one of Costa Rica's six species of wild cats, it doesn't look particularly catlike....

Speeding is killing Costa Rican wildlife

Wildlife in the Guanacaste Conservation Area (ACG) has been seriously affected by speeding on the road. Costa Rica is recognized worldwide for its diversity...

Cameras in Costa Rica show endangered animal species roaming private wildlife refuges

A technology system consisting on hidden cameras or “trap cameras,” is being used by wildlife refuges in Costa Rica. Privately managed wildlife refuges help...

Ecuador, Colombia slam use of wild animal species after MasterChef episode

Ecuador on Tuesday warned would-be wild animal eaters of possible prison time and Colombia launched an investigation after a competitive cooking TV show featured...

Amazon birds becoming smaller, longer-winged due to climate change

Even the wildest parts of the Amazon untouched by humanity are being impacted by climate change, according to new research. Hotter, drier conditions over the...

Official: The sloth is Costa Rica’s newest national symbol

The two- and three-toed sloth have officially become national symbols of Costa Rica.

Goldie takes 2018 Sloth Ironman title, but all the animals at Toucan Rescue Ranch win

The winner of the Sloth Ironman Games 2018 is determined. The Toucan Rescue Ranch has gathered almost $3,000 in the process to prepare these little slothletes for their big day of release into the wild.

Tapirs in Costa Rica: Gardeners of the Forest

The initiative Nai Conservation seeks to protect the enangered danta from the growing intervention of humans in their natural habitat.

Jaguars: a symbol of Costa Rica

The elegant wild cat represents an important part of Latin America's indigenous heritage.

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