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Costa Rica to ban vaping in public

Costa Rican lawmakers this week approved in a second debate a bill that will the use of ban vaping devices and electronic cigarettes in...

‘The Costa Rica model’: The New Yorker profiles Costa Rica healthcare

The New Yorker, a United States-based magazine, will highlight Costa Rica’s healthcare system in its August 30 edition.

‘The war has changed’: US documents sound alarm on Delta variant

The internal slide presentation produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stresses that the war has changed as a result of Delta.

Exacerbated by pandemic, Costa Ricans face long hospital wait times

The waiting time for a non-emergency surgery at Costa Rica's public hospitals has reached more than 520 days, up considerably compared to before the pandemic.

Costa Rica to support wellness tourism with initiative

Hot springs, yoga retreats and massage therapy are some of the activities Costa Rica hopes to support through a new initiative aimed at promoting wellness tourism.

Panama closes Colombia land border due to Covid

Panama on Wednesday temporarily closed its border with Colombia to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Costa Rica improves access to emergency contraceptives

Under the new guidelines, now any woman can access emergency contraception at health centers run by the Costa Rican Social Security System.

Bello Horizonte retirement home gives the elderly a new lease on life

Bello Horizonte is located in Barrio Amón at Avenida 9 and Calle Central, near the Children’s Museum in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica the right choice for many seeking cardiac care

Many people from the United States and elsewhere choose Costa Rica for their cardiac treatments.

Top 5 risk factors for oral cancer

Are you at risk for oral cancer? Read this brief article about the top five factors that may put you at risk of oral cancer.

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