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Vehicle restriction

News briefs: China donates medical supplies to help Costa Rica fight COVID-19

Here's the coronavirus news you should know as a new day begins in Costa Rica.

Vehicle restriction in San José to be suspended for holidays

Your holiday transportation gift, courtesy of MOPT.

Traffic Police launches surveillance operation for mid-year school vacations

Between July 3 - 14 motorists will not have to comply with the traffic restriction that prohibits vehicles from entering downtown San José on one weekday, according to the last digit of their license plate number.

No vehicle restriction in San José during Easter Holy Week

Motorists will be able to drive freely throughout San José during Easter Holy Week as Public Works and Transport Ministry officials agreed to suspend vehicle restrictions that prohibit drivers from entering the capital's downtown area once a week, according to license plate numbers.

Vehicle restriction in San José suspended for holidays next week

Your holiday transportation gift, from MOPT.

San José vehicle restriction to be suspended during mid-year school vacations

For the duration of the two-week vacation period, Traffic Police will maintain 15 roadway checkpoints throughout the country and will designate a total of 744 officers, 152 police cars and 217 motorcycles for surveillance efforts.

San José vehicle restrictions suspended for Holy Thursday, Friday

More than 700 traffic cops will be spread out across the country during the holiday week, mostly around popular tourist destinations.

Vehicle restrictions to be suspended for the holidays on Dec. 23

San José's Second Avenue will be closed to traffic on Saturday at noon in preparation for the annual Festival de la Luz.

San José vehicle restrictions to be suspended on Dec. 21

Traffic officials will be assigned to monitor routes toward tourist destinations.

Vehicle restrictions to be suspended on July 25 and Aug. 2

Restrictions will remain active for vehicles weighing over six tons.

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