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Vehicle restriction

Heavy vehicles restricted by traffic police this weekend

Measure aims to ease the return of thousands of Ticos from their mid-year vacations.

Vehicle restrictions to be suspended for Wednesday holiday

Traffic Police will allow open transit in the capital for observance of Juan Santamaría Day.

No vehicle restrictions for Holy Week

Restrictions remain in place for heavy trucks.

No vehicle restrictions until January 16

The measure will be restarted with higher fines in mid-January.

Costa Rican vehicle restrictions return Monday

Fine of ₡41,098 ($82) to be issued to drivers in violation of restriction.

New all-day vehicle restrictions begin Monday

Carpools are exempt from the restrictions.

Carpools benefit from new vehicle restrictions

Vehicle restrictions extended in order to combat rising fuel prices.

Vehicle restriction in effect only during rush hour starting Thursday

Restrictions will be re-evaluated in April by Ministry of Public Works and Transportation to decide whether the new hours effectively reduce congestion.

Activists Seek Restoration Of Driving Restrictions

A local environmental group estimates that 611 additional tons of carbon dioxide are being released each day in the Central Valley, due to a...

Driving Restrictions Suspended

After nearly a year on the law books, the driving restrictions based on the final number of Costa Rican license plates have been removed,...

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