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Costa Rica to reach population of 5 million by 2018

Costa Rica will reach a population of 5 million by 2018, according to estimates from the National Statistics and Census Institute (INEC). INEC and Casa Presidencial warned that there are some growing pains ahead for the country as it approaches.

Costa Rica unemployment reaches 10.1 percent

Unemployment in Costa Rica reached 10.1 percent in the first quarter of this year, a slight increase over the same period last year, the National Statistics and Census Institute (INEC) reported Tuesday.

Costa Rican lawmakers to probe Labor Minister on recent business closures, layoffs

Labor Minister Víctor Morales Mora took to social media after Monday's legislative motion, saying he was happy to testify about his administration's efforts to improve the country's employment panorama.

Some members of Costa Rica’s business sector alarmed over ‘historic’ jump in unemployment

A recent wave of layoffs across several sectors of the economy — from Wendy’s to Avianca — has culminated in more than 228,000 unemployed Costa Ricans at the end of the third quarter of 2014, according to figures from the National Statistics and Census Institute.

The life of a laid-off Cartex employee

Last September, Hanes announced it would close nine plants in five countries and reduce its global workforce by 12 percent as part of a major restructuring effort. The company eliminated 8,100 jobs in the United States, El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica, and moved 2,000 jobs to Asia.

HIV and AIDS patients in Costa Rica struggle to find work amid discrimination

Nearly half of all HIV-positive people in Costa Rica are unemployed or not looking for work, according to a recent survey. The results were first published on Nov. 27 amid several events leading up to World AIDS Day on Monday.

Casa Presidencial celebrates Paralympic athletes

Vice President Ana Helena Chacón hosted a breakfast Friday morning at Casa Presidencial recognizing Costa Rica’s Paralympic athletes and the country’s newly created Paralympic Federation at the end of a week observing the rights of people with disabilities.

Costa Rica is 20 percent more expensive than other Latin American countries

Economic concerns were front and center in the annual report on the state of Costa Rica, which highlighted topics like unemployment, inequality, poverty and the deficit. After 20 years of economic growth, the report’s authors said that Costa Rica has yet to make significant gains in human development.

President Solís announces goal to create 217,000 jobs during his term

The plan has a particular focus on working mothers and people with disabilities. The national unemployment rate is 8.5 percent, but the rate is higher among women, reaching 10.8 percent. Some 65 percent of 188,00 unemployed Ticos have a disability.

Anti-poverty programs enjoy success, but jobs would be better, says UN

Costa Rica could reduce its poverty rate by 8.5 percent if all employers paid the legal minimum wage and poor families could find work, according to a new report from the United Nations Development Program released Monday.

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