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Nicaraguan government and opposition agree on road map for talks

Daniel Ortega’s government and the opposition ended the standoff in their talks in an attempt to end the political crisis in Nicaragua. The parties...

UN rapporteur slams killings of Colombian rights defenders

A UN official called on the Colombian government to step up measures to protect human rights defenders following an upsurge in the number murdered since the signing of a peace agreement with former FARC guerrillas.

Costa Rica offers to host COP25 after Brazil withdraws

President Carlos Alvarado announced that Costa Rica will throw its hat in the ring to host the COP25 Climate Change Conference in 2019.

Helping refugees to thrive in Costa Rica

Bakers, spa product creators and car wash entrepreneurs get a chance to start over in the Central American nation.

Epsy Campbell asks the United Nations to intervene in Nicaragua

Vice President Epsy Campbell, said Thursday at the U.N. that the situation in Nicaragua is “not sustainable,” and called on the international community to help solve the “crisis with the potential of growth” with impacts all over Central America.

Nicaragua expels UN human rights mission

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega's government expelled a United Nations human rights mission two days after it published a report criticizing the "climate of fear"...

Court of Justice: Nicaragua owes Costa Rica $380,000, must retire troops

The ruling was the Court's first-ever on compensation for environmental damages.

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