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Several institutions suspend operations due to Orange Alert

Several Costa Rican institutions have reduced or suspended operations this week due to the Orange Alert that comprises the Greater Metropolitan Area (among other cantons).

RECOPE opposes referendum that could break its fuel market monopoly

RECOPE officials say opening the fuel market could have a negative impact on fuel supply in the country.

Ten new parties register for the 2018 election

In total 16 national parties are registered to take part in the presidential elections, and 12 are allowed to present candidates for the Legislative Assembly.

Fuel prices set to rise for the second time this year

RECOPE's ongoing fuel-setting requests led citizen group “Ya no más RECOPE" (No more RECOPE) to call for a public demonstration to request for the opening of the fuel distribution market in Costa Rica.

Two members of Costa Rica’s ruling party convicted of fraud

Judges also found the party liable in the fraud charges and ordered that it pay almost ₡600 million ($1 million) to the Supreme Elections Tribunal for the damage caused.

Ticos living abroad can now register online to vote in 2018

The number of Ticos registered to vote from abroad doubled in the past two years from 12,654 to 25,370 as of Sept. 30.

Civil Registry now issues digital birth, marriage and death certificates

Costa RIca's new digital certificates include an alphanumeric security code that allows any interested party to confirm the certificate’s validity.

How much money did members of Solís’ Cabinet donate to the PAC election campaign?

On Monday, President-elect Luis Guillermo Solís named 20 of his incoming head ministers, 11 of whom had contributed to his party’s election campaign. But none of them donated very much money.

Costa Rica’s elections tribunal blames the Super Bowl for low voter turnout abroad

Last Sunday's presidential election marked the first time that Costa Ricans could vote from abroad. But not many of them did -- and part of the problem might've been the major event occurring that same day in the United States, the Super Bowl.

Tribunal investigates 2 more companies, a union, and Caja officials for allegedly violating electoral code

Swiss Travel, Veinsa, the Costa Rican Social Security System's (Caja) union and Caja administrators are the latest targets of investigations into alleged electoral code violations.

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