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US says Ortega has become Somoza, the ‘dictator’ he opposed

Pompeo questioned what he defined as intensified attack against political opponents and independent media in Nicaragua

Op Ed: We need change in U.S. leadership. Citizens abroad can make that happen

Elections have consequences. Politics can bring out the best and the worst in us all, and either grow our leadership on the world stage...

Mike Pompeo discusses U.S.-Costa Rica relations in call with Foreign Minister

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke on Monday with Rodolfo Solano Quirós, Costa Rica's Foreign Minister, representatives from both countries announced. 

Mexican president to talk trade with Trump as virus rages

It will be Lopez Obrador's first foreign visit after 18 months on the job and will see him meet a president known for his anti-Mexico rhetoric.

Trump says U.S. will halt immigration due to coronavirus

Donald Trump’s tweet gave no further details about what the measure would entail, how it would be implemented or how long it would be in place.

U.S. Pentagon shifts $3.8 bn to Mexico border wall construction

The move took to $9.9 billion the total the Pentagon has been forced by President Donald Trump to reallocate to the barrier.

Inviting rival to State of the Union, Trump vows to ‘smash’ Venezuela’s Maduro

United States President Donald Trump vowed Tuesday to smash the rule of Venezuela’s leftist leader Nicolas Maduro.

‘Strong discontent and energetic rejection’: Chinese Embassy responds to Pompeo’s advice to Costa Rica

Pompeo's visit to Costa Rica was the first for a sitting U.S. Secretary of State in a decade. 

Mike Pompeo advises Costa Rica about economic ties with China

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged Costa Rica to ally itself more strongly with the North American nation, rather than with China. 

President Alvarado asks U.S. Secretary of State to review Costa Rica travel advisory, FAA certification

The designation could impact Costa Rica's tourism industry, which is comprised heavily on U.S. visitors. 

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