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Costa Rica Tax Law: Corporations with No Lucrative Activity Must File a Tax Return

In Costa Rica laws are recognized by their number, their date of issue and their name. Law No. 10160 was issued on march 11th...

Filing U.S. Taxes In Costa Rica? What’s New in 2022 for Americans

As Americans, we have the freedom to live almost anywhere in the world. With its relaxed culture and breathtaking landscapes, Costa Rica is one...

10 tax tips for U.S. citizens living in Costa Rica in 2021

So all Americans living in Costa Rica always have to file a U.S. tax return, if their worldwide income exceeds minimum IRS thresholds.

Costa Rica begins new dialogue in search of solution to serious fiscal crisis

The Minister of Labor, Geannina Dinarte, highlighted that on the first day of the dialogue, the interest of the sectors in reaching agreements was evident.

Blockades are back: Protests block two roads Thursday [updated]

Because blockades can change regularly, we recommend using Waze to plan your route — and a suitable backup — before driving.

No road blockades reported as of late Monday morning

The Public Security Ministry (MSP) on Monday reported no known blockades on Costa Rican roads and highways. 

Amidst setbacks, Costa Rica seeks to dialogue to resolve serious fiscal crisis

Costa Rica seeks a way out of its severe fiscal crisis through a national dialogue among all sectors of the country, in the midst of setbacks after the collapse of the first call for broad negotiations.

Dialogue on Costa Rica’s financial future fails before it begins

A planned round table between President Carlos Alvarado, lawmakers and various community leaders to discuss Costa Rica’s financial future was canceled before it could begin. 

Supreme Court condemns Costa Rican government for not lifting road blocks

The roadblocks in Costa Rica broke out Wednesday, September 30, in rejection of a government proposal to negotiate an agreement with the IMF.

Known road blockades in Costa Rica (October 13)

As of 8 a.m. on Tuesday, October 13, the following spots are blocked by protesters in Costa Rica, according to information provided by the Public Security Ministry.

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