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NASA Rolls out its Mega Moon Rocket

by Issam Ahmed with Gregg Newton at the Kennedy Space Center NASA's massive new rocket eased onto its launchpad Friday, ready for a battery of...

James Webb telescope sets off on million-mile voyage

The world's most powerful space telescope on Saturday blasted off into orbit, headed to an outpost 1.5 million kilometres (930,000 miles) from Earth, after...

Costa Rica as seen from the International Space Station

This photo of Costa Rica from the International Space Station went viral here over the weekend. 

Costa Rica featured at Space Exploration Educators Conference

Costa Rica was featured at the Space Exploration Educators Conference at the Space Center in Houston, Texas earlier this month.

NASA honors Hispanic Heritage Month with Tico astronaut

Franklin Chang Díaz is a Costa Rican physicist who participated in seven Space Shuttle missions.

How Costa Rican students talked to an astronaut on the International Space Station

ARISS lets students from all over the world experience the excitement of talking directly with crew members of the International Space Station.

US Sen. Bill Nelson: Costa Rica has a place in the future of space flight

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson talks with The Tico Times about where he thought NASA would be today 30 years after going into space and Costa Rica's goal of becoming a player in space exploration.

Space bids farewell to David Bowie, one of its own

David Bowie's death has plunged fans around the world into grief, but his music lives on -- not only on Earth but also in space.

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