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Thousands of turtles lay eggs on Nicaraguan coast

Thousands of sea turtles laid their eggs on Nicaragua's coast over the weekend under the watchful eye of the army, which protects the nests...

My Costa Rican Turtle Poaching Expedition

Thirty years ago I had just arrived in Barra del Colorado, Costa Rica to begin my new life. Back then and even today the...

The Battle to Save Ridley Turtles in Costa Rica’s Playa Hermosa

Guards who work for the Playa Hermosa Wildlife Refuge collect about 10,000-15,000 eggs from the sand each year.

Poachers or poached eggs? Sustainable turtle egg harvesting in Ostional

Ostional is the only place in the world where people can legally harvest sea turtle eggs.

Messages along San José’s streets ask people to stop littering

Estimates from the Health Ministry state that people throw nearly 300 tons of garbage in Costa Rica's streets, sewers, vacant properties and rivers every day.

In Search of Sustainable Seafood in Playa Grande

Even in Playa Grande -- the last mass nesting beach in the Eastern Pacific for critically endangered leatherbacks -- menus largely feature seafood caught by longlines and trawling nets, fishing practices that have devastating impacts on sea turtles.

Scientists figure out why female turtles are born at higher temperatures

Scientists have identified a gene that seems to be responsible for turning hot and cold temperatures into girl and boy baby turtles. The finding could help keep turtles safe in an ever-warming world.

In closing arguments, Costa Rica prosecutors seek acquittal of suspect in Jairo Mora trial

LIMÓN – At least one of seven defendants accused of the 2013 killing of Costa Rica sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora likely will walk after prosecutors sought Monday to drop homicide charges against him, citing a lack of evidence.

Judges from first Jairo Mora murder trial under investigation

The three judges that delivered not-guilty verdicts in the first Jairo Mora murder trial are now under investigation. A judges guild says this could pressure the judges presiding over the re-trial to convict.

Police catch poachers with more than 300 sea turtle eggs

Commander Rodolfo Coto, director of the Flamingo Coast Guard station, said that the eggs were no longer viable and had to be destroyed.

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