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Santa Ana

Santa Ana animal sanctuary comes with sad backstories, better endings

At the Refugio Herpetológico animal sanctuary in Santa Ana, the wards often have heart-breaking histories, but occasionally they are successfully released.

Inside a Costa Rican pottery workshop, spinning wheels churn out the real deal

Feet get dirty and hands get wet on a tour of a Costa Rican pottery factory in Salitral, where some of the country's most beautiful handicrafts are made.

Santa Ana history: Was this Spain’s first town in the Central Valley?

It’s a geographic mystery 455 years in the making, but it’s possible that the first Spanish settlement in Costa Rica’s Central Valley was built in what is today the Valle del Sol, commonly known as Santa Ana.

Why historic Santa Ana is Costa Rica’s hottest boomtown

Welcome to Valle del Sol, the canton of Santa Ana, home to millionaires, onion farmers, traditional pottery makers, urban professionals, a growing number of expats and ordinary Ticos of all descriptions — one of the least known greatest places in Costa Rica.

Art and culture at a glance: the week ahead in Costa Rica

A few of our favorite events from the week ahead.

NASA’s Dawn mission inspires Costa Rican students

To cap off their project, the students contacted the Dawn team directly to ask them a few questions about scientific aspects of the project and seek some career guidance. What better way to learn about a project than from the people working on it?

Meet the farmers at this year’s Onion Festival

The onion harvest season tends to be from January until April; for that reason, the Onion Festival is always held during the first months of the year.

When I was your age, I went to school uphill both ways in a hybrid car I made myself

A sixth-grade class at St. Jude’s School in Lindora, Santa Ana, west of San José, capped off their school year with a project that allowed them to learn about alternative energy as a fuel by making their own little hybrid cars powered by solar energy and batteries.

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