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San Ramon

From a Tico Times reader: a close encounter of the slothful kind

A Tico Times reader shares the unusual reason she almost lost her internet connection. Only in Costa Rica.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… the giant armadillo of San Ramón!

Located in the patio of the museum, surrounded by grass, the armadillo is for everyone, and its friendly features invite people to come close. It cannot be damaged by hands or weather; the public can touch it, pet it, take photos with it and get close to it.

Renegotiated San Ramón-San José highway expansion signed into law

The project will expand the traffic-choked section of the Inter-American highway between San José and Juan Santamaría International Airport to eight lanes, and to four lanes from the airport to San Ramón. Monday's signing ceremony was also a victory for civic groups who had battled to revoke the original concession that they said was too expensive and the result of backroom deals.

Emergency airlift of 7-year-old girl briefly closes Paseo Colón

This is the best reason to sit through a traffic jam on Paseo Colón.

It worked: Lawmakers approve San José-San Ramón Highway construction bill, saving taxpayers $51 million

Just hours after President Luis Guillermo Solís stalled 19 bills to prioritize the passage of one, lawmakers on Tuesday evening approved a bill that authorizes reconstruction of a highway between San José and San Ramón.

Brazilian corruption probe reveals possible links to Costa Rica, Guatemala

The names of Costa Rica's President Luis Guillermo Solís and former National Liberation Party presidential nominee Johnny Araya were among several prominent figures listed on a handwritten note allegedly redacted by José Aldemário Pinheiro Filho, the president of Brazilian contractor OAS and a target of an ongoing corruption investigation in the South American country.

San Ramón public school receives landmark solar panels

There is much to commemorate: Not only does Jorge Washington turn 75 years old this month, but it is allegedly the first urban public school in Costa Rica to harness solar power effectively.

Haunted tree holds sway in Costa Rica

There are haunted houses and haunted caves – but San Ramón has a haunted tree. It’s not sprouting ghosts or sheltering goblins, but some very strange things have happened to people walking past it in the Central Park of this pleasant town in the province of Alajuela.

Juan Santamaría Day passes peacefully, but highway woes not forgotten

School children fidgeted in plumed marching band uniforms and historical costumes in the Alajuela sun as elected officials and ministers spoke in the shadow of the statue of Costa Rican folk hero Juan Santamaría on Friday, a sharp contrast from the violent protests that interrupted the holiday last year over the troubled San Ramón highway concession.

500-year-old tomb discovered in San Ramón

Whether it belongs to a Pharaoh or commoner, a recently rediscovered tomb is fun to open. And recently, a couple of archaeologists got their chance in San Ramón, Costa Rica.

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