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From a Tico Times reader: a close encounter of the slothful kind

Mary Lou Hill, an English teacher living near San Ramón, Alajuela, contacted The Tico Times on Monday to tell us this story.

“I was just finishing my online English class last night when the internet cable started disappearing into the ceiling,” she wrote. “I hung onto the cable with one hand and dismissed the class. I am sure some of my students heard me shouting for my husband to come and help me wrestle the cable back. This is the friendly, not-so-little, sloth who was playing tug of war with us and the internet cable.”

Hill says they eventually won the battle with their well-connected sloth; we’re guessing it was a pretty slow and gentle one. He went happily on his way.

Have you had a run-in (although “run” isn’t really the appropriate word here) with one of these guys? Tell us your story – and if you’re fully sloth-obsessed, be sure to follow The Tico Times’ Sloth Kong page.


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