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How Did San Jose become the Capital of Costa Rica?

As you navigate the busy streets of Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose is lined with a dichotomy of old versus new. The architecture of...

Six mayors, including San José’s, arrested in Costa Rica on corruption charges

Six mayors of Costa Rican cities, including that of the capital, San José, were arrested Monday as part of an investigation into corruption in...

Costa Rica’s Historic Central Market in San Jose

In the center of Costa Rica, you will find its capital, San Jose which is also the largest city in this biodiverse country.  San...

San José, Costa Rica: One of the first cities with electricity

In 1884, San José, Costa Rica, became one of the first cities in the world to be illuminated with electric lighting.

Costa Rica cancels its biggest year-end parade due to pandemic

Costa Rica’s Festival de la Luz, a holiday parade through the heart of San José, typically fills the capital with holiday spirit. But not this year.

Barrio Chino aims to be San José’s next big food spot

Officials from the San José municipality have passed an initiative looking to turn downtown's Paseo de Los Estudiantes into a popular sprawl of gastronomy and culture.

Architect defends controversial design for new Legislative Assembly building

Plans for Costa Rica's new Legislative Assembly building, a 17-story concrete tower, have come under harsh criticism from residents and local architects.

Renting a House in San José, Costa Rica: Historic barrios Amón and Otoya beckon

In Costa Rica's often maligned capital, the historic barrios of Amón and Otoya are like an aesthetic oasis for those looking to live or work downtown.

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