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Ricardo Martinelli

Panama prosecutors request 21-year spying sentence for ex-president

President from 2009 to 2014, supermarket tycoon Martinelli fled to the United States in 2015 to avoid arrest.

Renewal in Panama might be coming at a high cost

Bribery, graft and dirty politics are all too common in Latin America, but a noxious combination of the three has dogged the Central American dynamo in what ought to be its finest hour. And unless Panama can shake the curse, its glory may prove fleeting.

Panama court orders detention of ex-President Ricardo Martinelli

Panama's Supreme Court has ordered the detention of former President Ricardo Martinelli, prompting the absent millionaire supermarket tycoon on Tuesday to furiously dismiss the ruling as a "political trial."

Panama court declares ex-president Ricardo Martinelli in contempt

Panama's former president Ricardo Martinelli is in trouble again. This time for contempt of court.

From Miami’s ‘Scarface’ pad, Panama’s exiled President Ricardo Martinelli fights back

MIAMI — Just outside downtown Miami, in a luxury condo building made famous by the 1980s hits "Scarface" and "Miami Vice," a billionaire ex-president is holed up in exile.

Another former Panamanian minister arrested in graft probe

PANAMA CITY – A former Panamanian government official was arrested Thursday night over suspected corruption, the latest ex-minister to be nabbed in a widening graft probe into the administration of ex-President Ricardo Martinelli.

Former Panama VP arrested in widening corruption probe

PANAMA CITY – Panama's former Vice President Felipe Virzi has been arrested for alleged money laundering, adding to a lengthening list of former associates of ex-President Ricardo Martinelli jailed on corruption charges.

Panama president values corruption scandal involving predecessor at nearly $100 million

Ricardo Martinelli, who has been out of the country since January, is currently under investigation by the Supreme Court for alleged involvement in inflating government contracts by $45 million.

Panama’s US envoy offers upbeat economic outlook for 2015

Aiming to have completely bilingual education by 2030, the Varela government has launched a pilot program to send 1,000 teachers to the United States for specialized English-language training. Eventually, 30,000 teachers will participate in the program over the next 15 years.

Ruling party loses again as Juan Carlos Varela wins Panama presidency

Conservative Juan Carlos Varela, the vice president who broke politically with President Ricardo Martinelli, was officially declared Panama's next president Sunday. Since the United States overthrew dictator Manuel Noriega in 1989, the incumbent's party has never won re-election.

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