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Costa Rica’s San Jose Airport recycled 2 tons of items collected from passengers

Juan Santamaría Airport recycled two tons of objects collected from passengers during the first four months of 2022. This has been possible thanks to...

Costa Rica Plastic cap collection campaign will help to make beaches more accessible

The Costa Rican Network for Accessible Tourism, Monge Shops (Tiendas Monge) and Donatapa Project, announced the continuation of the plastic cap collection campaign for...

Recycling in Costa Rica: Combating Renewable Waste Issues

Costa Rica, often considered one of the eco-friendliest countries in the world, has one nagging thorn in their side that they aim to address...

Waste management ‘one of biggest environmental problems,’ Costa Rica says

The Costa Rican government on Wednesday called mis-handling of solid waste one of the biggest environmental problems facing the country today. 

Costa Rica hopes to re-use plastic as building materials for houses

Costa Rica produces 564 tons of plastic waste each day and that nearly 98% of it ends up in landfills, sewers, rivers or the ocean. 

Costa Rica passes watered-down anti-plastics law

The project was originally more ambitious, but that he modified it so as not to affect the plastics industry, which employs 14,000 people in Costa Rica.

It’s official: Costa Rica sets world record for recycling

Guinness World Records now lists Costa Rica as the record-holder for "most plastic bottles recycled in eight hours."

PHOTO: Turning waste into virtual currency

Costa Rica discards 564 tons of plastic per day of which only 14 are recycled, according to the Ministry of Health's Office of Environmental Health in charge of waste management in the country.

Barrio Amón plans Earth Day celebration to benefit Isla Chira

An Earth Day celebration in Barrio Amón seeks to benefit a recycling initiative on Isla Chira.

How to recycle your Christmas tree in Costa Rica

Municipalities will grind trees up and turn them into mulch to reuse them in public parks, gardens and as organic fertilizer for public areas.

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