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World Water Day and What it Means in Costa Rica

As we turn on our taps and reach for our next glass of water, many of us don’t even think twice. It is a...

Why Birds and Birders in Costa Rica Flock to Monteverde

What makes Monteverde a must-stop on almost every birding tour of Costa Rica? To paraphrase the real estate experts: habitat, habitat, habitat. Along with...

Climate change threatens Costa Rica Coffee Growers

The study suggests high-quality coffees are most at risk – with Arabica coffee unable to withstand even slight fluctuations in temperature, humidity and sunlight.

Up the Amazon River on a cargo boat

Chronicle of a three-day trip up the Amazon River from Leticia in Colombia to Iquitos in Peru on a cargo boat.

Brazil tribes declare war on illegal loggers in Amazon

Two indigenous groups in the Amazon have taken radical action to reduce illegal logging, tying up loggers, torching their trucks and tractors, and kicking them off the reserves. As a result, such logging has sharply declined in these territories.

How the jungle canopy zipline was invented in Costa Rica, and then became very big business

An exploration of the origins of jungle canopy ziplining leads to a tangled web of claims and a fascinating story in the heart of Costa Rica.

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon surges 450 percent, says environmental group

BRASÍLIA – Deforestation in Brazil's storied Amazon basin region skyrocketed more than 450 percent in October from a year earlier, a nongovernmental group warned Monday.

Just hanging out for Semana Santa

A red-eyed tree frog hangs from a plant near La Fortuna in northeast Costa Rica. The red-eyed tree frog has become a Costa Rican...

Our tree house vacation, by way of a giant mudslide

My family and I had been exploring the Pacific coast of Costa Rica for two sunny weeks before we finally made our way to the country's interior rain forest. It was supposed to be a six-hour drive from our last stop, the surf town of Santa Teresa, to our final destination, Tree Houses Hotel Costa Rica in Santa Clara.

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