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Public transportation

Train service in Costa Rica resumes Wednesday following strike

A strike staged by train drivers on Tuesday left some 16,000 people struggling to get to work and school.

Taxi protest against Uber snarls traffic across Costa Rica

The Public Security Ministry reported at noon that police had arrested some 78 taxi drivers and seized 33 cars.

Taxi drivers to stage nationwide protest against Uber on Tuesday

Nearly one year after Uber started up in Costa Rica, the ride-hailing service has some 7,000 drivers and 225,000 registered users.

Don’t like how someone parked? Give ‘em a ticket 

Fear not, intrepid pedestrian, now there’s a way for you to let that inconsiderate motorist know how you feel about their parking job that doesn’t involve cussing.

Taxi drivers to stage another demonstration against Uber

Members of the Union of Costa Rican Taxi Drivers will march Wednesday to demand that courts block the ride-hailing app Uber in Costa Rica.

Uber rival Cabify coming to Costa Rica

Cabify said it will soon offer service in Costa Rica, even though the government has said ride-hailing services, like rival Uber, are illegal.

Uber Costa Rica drops fares 20 percent and some drivers aren’t happy

The ride-hailing company says the fare drop will benefit drivers by spurring greater demand, but several chauffeurs complain that the price gouge comes as many have been struggling to cover their expenses.

Uber Costa Rica pulls out of job fair over security concerns 

“A group of taxi drivers is using threats and aggression, putting at risk the security of those attending Expo Empleo to look for dignified and sensible opportunities,” Uber Costa Rica said Friday morning in a statement.

Everything we know (and don’t know) about Costa Rica’s future rapid transit system

While there are still a few programs designed to encourage people to switch to more efficient vehicles, the current government’s plan to reduce vehicle emissions hinges on the creation of a rapid transit system to serve the Greater Metropolitan Area.

Uber rolls out surge pricing in Costa Rica

It was too good to last. Uber’s "surge pricing" — a multiplier added to the fare depending on demand for rides — started in Costa Rica Thursday, according to a post from the ride-hailing service.

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