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Parque Sabana

10 ways life in Costa Rica has been transformed, and you didn’t even notice

Over the last five years, Costa Rica has been transformed in some small ways we now take for granted. Living here will never be the same again. This list is a tribute to change, innovation, and the men and women in Costa Rica who make it happen.

4 ways San José excels in urbanism – no, that’s not a typo

Sure, much of the architecture leaves something to be desired, but the city excels in modern urbanism in ways I had never seen in many U.S. cities. Here are four examples.

Costa Rica Aviation fans weather rain at Aero Fest

Even the distant rumble of thunder couldn’t keep folks from attending Aero Fest, a celebration of helicopters held in La Sabana Park.

Cricketers demonstrate skills at exhibition in La Sabana

A young cricket player pitches a ball at the 2014 Cricket Association. Hosted by the Costa Rica Cricket Federation, the four-hour event took place...

Master’s Track championship kicks off in San José

Representing Costa Rica, Francisco Ortíz, 47, hurls a discus during a pentathlon at the North, Central American and Caribbean World Masters Athletics Championship, which started...

Masters Class athletes to compete in international championship

The stars of the NCCWMA Championship are all 30 years and older – and some are well into their 80s. The athletes will descend on the National Stadium in La Sabana Park on Thursday, Aug. 21.

17 arrested during La Sele’s giant homecoming celebration

Police arrested 17 Tuesday during the celebrations in Paseo Colón, where as many as 200,000 fans converged to welcome home the National Soccer Team, La Sele.

Sloth Kong says ‘Thank you, La Sele’

Welcome home, La Sele!

[UPDATE: Flight delayed] Tens of thousands of Costa Rica fans expected in La Sabana Park on Tuesday for La Sele return

UPDATE: La Sele's flight is delayed by two hours and will arrive at 2:23 p.m., according to La Nación. Today Costa Rica welcomes its history-making World Cup squad back home, and the government has granted most public employees the afternoon off to join in the celebrations. Read all the details here.

8 trippy photos that will make you want to visit FIA’s luminarium

When you get to La Sabana Park in western San José for this year's International Arts Festival, make a beeline for the inflatable, spiky thing right in the middle: the luminarium.

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